1minLate Waiting can be fun 1.31 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/26/2015
  • Downloads:31
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 2.68 MB
  • Developer: i-art
  • Pros
    Free, ad supported
    It doesn't need to be installed on both devices
  • Cons
    Overall, no complaints



A fast position sender

It's faster to use this app than actually explaining how it works. This is a single tap app, in which you are welcome by a big button to catch your current position. A subsequent tap will open the sharing menu to choose among any known sharing option. What you are sharing is indeed not only your current position, but your position in the next thirty minutes as well, thanks to a link to a temporal site. If half an hour is too much, you can set it to any amount of time up to that.

This app's free, ad-supported. Ads are placed at the bottom of the big button screen and below the map in the linked website. So far, we could only ask for more options such as linking more than one device at once on the same map, or pinning a place to say "we'll meet there".

1minlate is one of those app you wish to have in the most awkward moments. It combines a smart use of the GPS with an act of trust towards whoever you are sharing the link. In fact, this app does exactly what it promises, but it may also be useful for worried moms, jealous boy/girlfriends and tyrant bosses, so we shall recommend you to be clear and tell your terms word by word beforehand with the receiver. No matter how you look at it, a very useful app, and we wonder how many incoming uses we can find it out: what about a catch-me-if-you-can game? Or for a courier service?

Highly recommendable.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

¡Runner-Up prize in the AppCircus 2014 event recent winner!

How many times has someone been waiting for you and you phone to say “I’m just parking” or “I’m almost there”

Many times if something has come up and we’re running late, we get a message from the person asking the classic question “Where are you?” or “When are you arriving?”

For these very moments, we have created 1minLate .

How 1minLate works is very simple:
When you arrange to meet someone, you activate the application (enable the gps tracker) when you leave the house. Automatically, 1minLate generates a link that you can share with the person who is waiting via whatever messaging application you have on your mobile: SMS, Whatsapp, Line, Email…

1minLate sync your coordinates with the sent secret link and shows a map with your current location and it updates every minute. This way the person who you’ve arranged to meet can follow your progress, meaning that their wait isn’t just so bad.

1 minute late don't require any kind of social net logging. One minute late works without facebook, twitter or Google plus.

1 minute Late ensures your privacy. You only share your location with the chosen person during 30 minutes, automatically turning itself off afterwards.

Whoever is waiting doesn’t need to have 1minLate installed. They will know where you are by just pressing the link and the visualizer will be opened in the default browser of the destination device .

Furthermore, 1minLate treats your mobile battery very well. Transfers very little data between the device and the server.


An 8/10 in Softonic: "a great solution to a situation in which we find very often"

A 4/5 in Appszoom: "1minlate is one of those app you wish to have in the most awkward moments", "No matter how you look at it, a very useful app"


1minLate is an Android GPS free tool.

Add a new advantage to your Android.

This kind of tool is not posible to developer in others gps brands or gps devices (garmin, tomtom...). Have a new use from your Android.

1minLate will convert in one of your gps essentials app. Is a new kind of gps locator or gps vehicle tracking. When you close the app, 1minLate remove your gps logger info.

For more info you can visit http:en.1minlate.com

Other names used: one min late or one minute late or 1 minute late

* We are looking for user with some Android Smart Watch (smartwatch) for testing.

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