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Power Up your Android's SMS Capabilities with AdvanceSMS by Killer Mobile!

AdvanceSMS is a powerful SMS Manager app that combines numerous Killer Features into one easy to use app. With AdvanceSMS you can:

> Schedule SMS's to be sent at a later Time or Day. Our SMS Scheduler Feature allows you to Auto Repeat scheduled SMS's as needed including Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly or Once Every (x)! All Sent SMS's are logged in the app so you can review them later or confirm they were sent. SMS Scheduling means you can never forget a birthday or important data again.

> AutoReply to an incoming Call or SMS with a preset SMS of your own. Set a single Auto Reply for a single contact or a group. The choice is yours!

> Automatically forward incoming SMS's to another mobile or via email

> Set personalized SMS tones for every contact so you can finally have a little variety when it comes to your SMS Tones, and to help you easily distinguish between SMS senders

> See an SMS Preview displaying the entire message text for quick viewing of incoming SMS's without having to open up your messaging.

> Set up a Keyword Trigger for the Auto Reply, Forward & Personalized TxT Tone features

> Easily Export your SMS's to your SD card (for Backup) or send them out via Email

Full featured, 14 Day Demo. Need help? Email us at

Just another Killer App by Killer Mobile (R) | Stay Killer My Friends

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