Baby Animal Puzzles Pro 1.4 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/30/2015
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3 in 1 Puzzle Games - Jigsaw, Slide and Tile Swap. Play Baby Animal Puzzles TODAY

This Game is Free and Great For Your Kid To PLAY.

A Great PUZZLE that is NO Mess, NO Frustration! - Just a great challenge and tons of fun! Ready for your Android device. No Mess of Jigsaw Puzzles or Frustration of Slide Puzzles. Your kid will go wild over these animals. They won’t want to put them down.

If you're one of those people who says, "Awwwww" every time you see a cute picture of a sweet baby animal...then this game is prefect for you. You will want to make these animals your own babies and take them home with you.

Is there anything more adorable then a picture of a cuddly baby animal? Even the most unusual looking animals are cute when they're teeny, tiny babies. This game feature amazing pictures of the cutest baby animals and turns them into challenging puzzles.

Warning!!! If you think you're addicted to baby animal photographs now...just wait until they're turned into a great animal puzzles game. You won't be able to walk away...

What Makes this Puzzle So Remarkable?
- Play Jigsaw, Slide and Tile-Swap Puzzle
- Choose a puzzle game from our many extraordinary photographs included in the app.
- Make your own puzzle with Facebook or own pictures
- Choose an easy 9 piece puzzle or if you’re feeling brave – work up to a harder 200 piece puzzle.
- There is a built-in timer that allows you to try and beat your own best time each time you play.
- Easy bragging rights feature is integrated with Facebook and Twitter – Entice your friends to try and beat your best time, (I bet you can’t beat mine).
- You can save up to 10 puzzles at any given time and play your puzzle at a later time.

Best Jigsaw, Slide and Tile swap Puzzles on Android

A Kid of any age can enjoy these free Puzzle Animals for hours.

Play this puzzle app anytime you have a free moment and need some challenging entertainment. The only problem won’t want to put it down once you start.

Keep yourself entertained for hours when you download and solve these stunning puzzles. This is the perfect app whenever you need your daily fix of cute and cuddly animals.

The Free App Include The Following Baby Animals
- Bears Puzzle Game
- Cubs (bear babies) Puzzle Game (an animal kids love)
- Black Bunny Puzzle Game (an animal kids love)
- Bonobo Puzzle Game - Bordeaux Pup Puzzle Game
- Calf Puzzle Game (an animal kids love)
- Deer Puzzle Game - Dogs Puzzle Games (animals kids love)
- Puppies Puzzle Game (animals kids love)
- Dolphins Puzzle Game
- Ducklings Puzzle Game
- Elephant Puzzle Games
- Giraffes Puzzle Games
- Gorilla Puzzle Game
- Kitten Puzzle Games (animals kids love)
- Baby Hippo Puzzle Game
- Foal (Cute Baby Horse) Puzzle Games
- Kangaroo Puzzle Games (an animal kids love)
- Koalas Puzzles Game
- Lambs Puzzles Game
- Lions Puzzles Game (an animal kids love)
- Cub (cute Baby Lion) Puzzles Games (an animal kids love)
- Orangutans Puzzles Game
- Panda Puzzles Game
- Cubs (Baby Panda) Puzzles Game (an animal kids love)
- Polar Bears Puzzles Games
- Raccoon Puzzles Games (an animal kids love)
- Rhinos Puzzles Games
- Seal Puzzles Game (animals kids love)
- Siamese Kitten Puzzles Game
- Spotted Piglet Puzzles Games
- Swans Puzzles Games
- White Tiger Puzzles Game (an animal kids love)
- Wolf Family Puzzles Game
- Zebras Puzzles Games (animals kids love)

“Great for your kids – My son just really like this game. Can’t get enough of it.” – Rahul Chopra
“EXCELLENT!!! – Best jigsaw puzzle app ever!” – William Davis

DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY adorable baby animal puzzles!
This Amazing Puzzle App is Available for FREE Today!

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