Blue Light Screen Filter 2.5.5 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/26/2015
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Recently due to long-time usage of smartphone, the number of people who are suffering from eye fatigue, deterioration of eye sight, and insomnia caused by blue light is increasing.
Furthermore, it has been revealed by media that blue light can cause critical damage to retina or the eye lens if exposured for long time.

With Bluelight screen filter app, there is no need for additional glasses for protecting eye sight or blocking blue light, color filter, and film.
Apply blue light screen filter easily, and get some helps to block the blue light and blinding generated by blue light, effectively relieve eye fatigue, deterioration of eye sight, dry eye, insomnia.

With 6 presets such as Blue light, Night, Red, Green, black, Yellow, you can easily choose color, and furthermore, we provide more than 20 colors. Also, it supports “User Color Setting and Save” function so that user can apply their favorite color filter or color correction of smart phone screen.

You can make them working in exact time you want by time setting of turn on/off and easily set the application of filter in status bar.

■ What is Blue light?
Blue lights which exist between wave of 380 to 500 nano meter. It can cause eye fatigue and dry eye, and sometimes even critical damage to retina or the eye lens if exposured for long time. When watching screen of smartphone, computer, TV in late nights, it is likely to suffer from insomnia due to decreased secretion of hormone inducing sleep.

■ Features
• It is MUST HAVE App for everyone who uses smartphone
• With filter function which blocks Blue light and blinding generated by screen, it helps prevent eye fatigue, deterioration of eye sight, dry eye, insomnia
• There is no need for additional glasses, color filter, film to protect eyesight or block blue light.
• You can customize color, rate of block, brightness easily
• It provide various basic filter color more than 20, blocking blue light. Users can easily choose, set, save and apply the color which is the most adaptive to them
• Choose what you want among various color filter and color correction of smartphone screen.
• You can turn control the filter easily on status bar(Jellybean or higher)
• You can set the time when the filter will turn on/off. You can get more benefit of this application especially in night time because it relieves insomnia and blinding generated by blue light from screen
• You can check whether the filter has been applied or not and set it easily through status bar
• Setting is applied automatically when restarting the device

■ Note
• To properly apply the filter, you need to turn the filter on, and then set the proper color, the rate of block and brightness, for your use in Preset
- Blue Light : Block the blue light effectively by complementary color effect
- Night : It effectively prevents insomnia and protects eye sight when it is night or surrounding is dark. It is recommended to apply this mode when using smartphone in night
• You can set the exact time when the filter will be turned on/off when you choose Custom menu in Time Setting
• In some cases, it is impossible to install apps except through Play Store while blue light filter is working. Then, please turn off the filter for a moment and try again
• When you capture the screen during application of blue light filter, it captured the screen which the filter is applied on. In this case, please turn off the filter for a moment and try again
• If you are using a process management app such as task-killer, it is possible that the app to error. please exclusions from the app settings

■ Access
• Full network access, View network connections: Need to identify whether the connection of device has been activated.
• Run at startup: Need to apply the setting when starting device
• Draw over other apps: Need to control the screen

■ Translations
We'd like to thank the wonderful people who have helped to translate apps into other languages.
• Polish : Mateusz Utkala

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