BrewGene 2.3 (Android)

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  • Added: 05/01/2015
  • Downloads:33
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 3.04 MB
  • Developer: BrewGene
  • Pros
    Loads of info on the world of beer
    Interaction with other users
  • Cons
    Simple design



If you're a beer fan, you'll love this app. It's got a ranking of the best beers in the world, according to users.


Beer tasting is a true art. Expert tasters from around the world come together in Brewgene to give their opinions on the last beers they've tried. Then, thousands of users have the chance to get to know new types and get more info on their characteristics and the places where they can get them.


You can find the Top 100 best beers in the world, so you know what's a hit right now, however exclusive they are. You can also get your hands on each beer's fact sheet, that contains the ingredients, the places it's available and beer recommendations that you might enjoy.


When it comes to appearances, it's a really simple app. Don't expect much; just info. Also, in order to get your hands on all the functions, you first have to register.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Imagine walking into a bar and having your phone tell you which beer to order based on your personal taste preferences. Or tracking and rating each beer you try so you never forget what you loved or disliked.

BrewGene makes all of this possible in one simple and comprehensive beer app. BrewGene's beer tracking and recommendation engine let you experience a revolutionary new way to find and discover great beer.

BrewGene is the essential mobile app for the beer enthusiast:
- Search for over 45,000 beers in our database, and add new ones as you discover them
- Add your own rating to each beer, so you'll remember your favorites
- Receive personalized recommendations for new beers based on your rating history
- Add beers to your 'Watch List' to track beers you've been meaning to try
- Browse beers by brewer
- View stats (ABV, style, brewer, brewing location, etc.) for each beer
- Track your beer activity on your Profile page

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