Business Ringtones HD 1.0 (Android)

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▶ If you are a successful businessman and you need some regular ringtones for corporate, office, home, or casual environments, then this Business Ringtones HD app. is what you might be looking for.

▶ Business Ringtones HD contains various different call alert melodies, SMS and e-mail notification sounds, energizing alarm sounds in high definition quality that will make you look serious and professional. Simply select your favorite business ringtone to save it a ringtone, notification and more. It's free!

▶ Features:
✔ Includes 50 business ringtones in HD Quality.
✔ Easy to use UI.
✔ Search list provided.
✔ You can add your favorite business ringtone to the favorite list.
✔ Press and hold the option's icon.
✔ Set as ringtone, notification, alarm and assign to contacts.

▶ Enjoy these business ringtones and have your reputation go up with these office tones but please don't forget to rate us :)

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