Doreso-Music Recognition 2.8.5 (Android)

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  • Added: 05/04/2015
  • Downloads:98
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 5.53 MB
  • Developer: Shanghai Yinlong Information Technology
  • Pros
    Identify a track's title just from its melody
    Can use an audio clip or hum
    Save and share favorites
    30-second streaming clips
  • Cons
    Long loading times
    Visual design needs to be more professional



Identify any song just from the melody, plus save and listen to clips from favorite tracks

Everyone's been in the position of dying to know the name of a song, but only being able to remember the melody without the words. Shanghai Yinlong Information Technology's MusicRadar listens to audio input - whether it's background music or you humming a tune - and then detects the song automatically, satisfactorily scratching that inquisitive mental itch.

It's as simple as hitting the central speaker button when you have an audio clip you'd like the app to hear. Give it a few seconds to compute, and you'll be rewarded with the title of the track you're seeking. After you've done this a couple times, an algorithm analyzes patterns of what you've enjoyed previously and recommends similar tracks that you might dig in the future. You can also directly search for tracks by typing in titles, plus add any that you like to a favorites list. Listen to 30-second streaming clips of any songs that you've searched and share your experiences via social media.

The visual design of the app needs some improvement; for housing such a powerful algorithm, the appearance is rather amateur. It also requires significant loading time if you want to stream a song. There are other audio detection apps out there that run more smoothly.

Still, Shanghai Yinlong Information Technology's MusicRadar is an intriguing audio toy for those who find themselves constantly wondering about the titles of the tracks they hear.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Doreso provides the simplest way to recognize music playing around you. It takes just a few seconds to identify the song when you tap the Doreso button. For the music on the tip of your tongue and can’t say it out aloud, we provide the search by just humming the tune or lyrics.

With Doreso, you can easily:

Preview and buy tracks on Amazon;
Share the songs you have discovered to your Facebook wall or Twitter;
Explore artist biographies and music video on Youtube;
See similar music recommendations;
Get to know the people who likes the same music with you;
Taken the song by your name when it is first searched by you.

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