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  • Added: 04/25/2015
  • Downloads:16
  • Developer: OnTheGo Platforms
  • Pros
    No taps or swipes needed
    Works even when your screen is off
    Compatible with most major music players
  • Cons
    Detection not very accurate
    Little practical application


Download BrainWave Music Control :

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Use gestures to control music playback on your device

If you're anything like me, you've probably never felt the urge to control your mobile music player using natural hand gestures. And yet! There's a niche for all kinds, and folks who've always wanted such a party trick will find their dreams come true with BrainWave.

BrainWave is compatible with most major music players, including Spotify, iHeart, Pandora, and Google Play Music. Open up any of them through the BrainWave app, then just swipe directly in front of your camera to play, pause, and select tracks, all from a range of 1 to 3 feet away. It even purports to work when the screen is in lock mode or completely off.

The idea is neat in a "living in the future," Minority-Report-terminal kind of way. However, I can't see any practical application. I also had some pretty major issues getting it to work right - I often paused a song when I wanted to skip it, plus many other such accuracy errors.

BrainWave might be one of the first in a trend of gesture-based apps. Still lacks some tuning up before they become truly useful, though.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

BrainWave Music Control Intro

Love listening to music via your favorite music player (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.)? Now you can control your favorite music players simply by using natural hand gestures. By downloading the BrainWave app, powered by Ari™ technology, you can Play, Pause, and Select tracks with the ease of waving your hand over the phone/tablet -- without ever unlocking the phone or touching the screen. For ease of use, we’ve optimized BrainWave to detect gestures from 1 foot to almost 3 feet away. Your whole open hand must be seen by the forward-facing camera to play/pause -- recommended at least 12" (30cm) or more above the center of the phone/tablet -- (see instruction video). BrainWave will work in Portrait or Landscape Mode.

Once you download the BrainWave app it automatically adds all of the compatible music players on your phone (Pandora, iHeart, Spotify, Google Play Music, etc.) to its selection list. Then all you need to do is select your preferred music player and BrainWave will launch the music player with gesture recognition enabled. You can even listen to music in sleep mode (with your screen off). BrainWave will run quietly in the background allowing you to effortlessly control your music.

Compatible Music Players:

• Google Play Music
• Pandora
• Beats Music
• iHeart Radio
• iHeart Auto
• Spotify
• Songza
• PowerAmp
• Jet Audio
• MusicXMatch
• Slacker Radio
• Shuttle Music Player
• Samsung Galaxy Stock Music Player
• PlayerPro
• Subsonic Music Streamer
• Rocket Player
• More to come...


• Gestures optimized for 1 foot (30cm) to almost 3 feet (90cm) away from the phone
• Utilizes the front-facing camera on Smartphone/Tablet
• Automatically adds compatible music players
• Open Hand (Play/Pause)
• Swipe Right (Next Song)
• Swipe Left (Previous Song)
• Works when screen is locked and off
• Works in both Landscape and Portrait Orientation
• More to come...see below

Bluetooth Speakers

BrainWave can also turn your smartphone/tablet into a gesture remote control via Bluetooth for popular speakers such as Skullcandy, Jambox, Sonos, Beats, etc.


BrainWave allows you to control your car’s music via your Bluetooth infotainment system. Keep your eyes on the road and subtly change your music while in the car.

Coming Soon:

• Like/Dislike Songs
• Car Mode: BrainWave will detect when you're driving and will automatically turn on so you can more safely interact with your phone and music
• Adjusting volume with a gesture
• Visual feedback to help with correct placement of your gesture

Devices with known issues running Brainwave:

• Samsung Galaxy SIII

Note: Other apps that require the front-facing camera will not work while BrainWave is running. If you want to take a selfie, stop BrainWave first, take the photo, and then restart BrainWave.

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