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  • Added: 04/29/2015
  • Downloads:27
  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 5.71 MB
  • Developer: Most Useful Sports Team Management App - Instateam


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Got a team? Got to get InstaTeam app. Save time and make your life easier by managing your sports team with InstaTeam. Use InstaTeam to instantly connect with your team on their smartphones. It is a powerful and intuitive sports team management app that simplifies team creation and player signup, maintains schedules, sends notifications for event reminders and much more.

Coaches or team members can easily create a new team or join an existing team. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, team members can track their sports team events anytime, anywhere.

Instateam is a MUST-HAVE for busy parents with one or more kids on multiple sports teams. It instantly updates and informs parents of any last-minute changes in team practices and games, including location updates. Parents can now coordinate with other parents for carpool, ride sharing and other logistics such as refreshments. Life is easier and more enjoyable with InstaTeam.

Instateam is a sophisticated real-time messaging tool for coaches to send instant messages for important event updates such as last minute cancellations or venue changes. With the scheduled delivery feature, coaches can create a message and schedule it to go out at a later time and date. After sending messages, coaches can monitor status to find out which team members have viewed or responded to their messages.

What makes InstaTeam different from other sports team management apps (Like Teamsnap)?
InstaTeam is more than a sports team scheduler or activity manager; it is the only app that allows real-time direct messaging between team members, coaches, parents and others in the group. Team members can instantly communicate with each other within the app.

InstaTeam is loved and used by:

•Coaches and team administrators to create and manage sports teams
•Teachers to create class groups, organize field trips and broadcast homework and other messages to the students and their parents
•Players (and parents) to search and join teams and communicate availability for practices and games
•Parents to arrange for carpooling and communicate with each other in support of their kids activities
•Social groups to organize events such as picnics, charity events, regular meetings, etc.

Key Features

•Search your sports team by team name, team code or by location. View team details and then send requests to join the team.
•Secure approval process for automatic team roster creation. As team members get approved to join the team, the team roster gets updated instantly
•Players can join and coaches can manage multiple teams from one account.
•Email validation of each team member including parents of the players.
•Instant messaging between members and players without disclosing personal information such as email or phone number.
•Ability for parents to join the team and track events for all their kids’ teams.
•Create / manage a single event or series of events like practices, games, after-game gatherings, and awards ceremonies. Ability to create custom events
•Create and/or find event venue with advanced location features and maps
•Confirm their attendance for any event and update in real-time
•Assignment of refreshments or other support tasks to team members or parents.
•Broadcast messages to the entire group for coaches and admins
•Email and push notifications for schedule changes, broadcast team messages, member to member messages, and event reminders
•Post and share team notes such as scores, stats and photos
•Carpool signup and player matching based on address
•Pre-select from multiple event types such as Practice, Game, Meet, Match, Meeting, Competition, Test, Field Trip, and Picnic
•Maps and driving directions to the events
•Integration with personal calendar - easily add events to your smartphone’s personal calendar

Download InstaTeam today and see how team sports life gets easier and more enjoyable.

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