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Are you a Proximus customer (subscriber or prepaid) or a Belgacom Mobile customer? Control your mobile usage with Hello! and make unpleasant bill surprises history

What can Hello! do for you?

• My usage:
* If you are a Proximus or Belgacom Mobile subscriber, "My usage" allows you to check your call volume, the number of SMSes/MMSes sent and the number of MB used.
* If you are a Pay&Go, Pay&Surf or a Belgacom autoreload customer, "My usage" allows you to check your remaining credit. If you have purchased a bundle you will also be able to view its status.

Note: the information shown can vary according to the customer profile or type, e.g. employees with a company phone may see less than private users.

• My Products: allows you to manage your options and check the rate plan for your line (activations can only be done by the account owner)
• Help: provides the answers to your questions: how to use Hello!, how to use your smartphone and all other questions related to the Belgacom/Proximus products and services.
• Contact: enables you to access the telephone number for the different Belgacom services with just one click.

You can download the Hello! application free of charge, but each time you use it, you connect to the Internet, resulting in a limited amount of data usage. The cost depends on your rate plan

Note: You must use Hello! via a mobile network (3G) at least once a month to allow the application to identify you and send you your information. After this identification process, the application can be used for 30 days via WIFI without any cost.

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