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  • Added: 04/24/2015
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This is add free version of Max Poker Odds Calculator. You can find free version here:

This is Texsas Hold'em Poker odds calculator for maximum 10 players. Calculate Your winning odds preflop, on the flop and on the turn. Max Poker Calculator is "must have" app for all poker players. Poker Calculator checks milions combinations of cards to calculate Your chances of winning.

-calculate Your odds for 2-10 players in popular game Texas Holdem Poker
-this android odds calculator coach, teaches you to win at any poker tournament and poker cash games
-odds are calculate for all players
-simple poker calculator
-fast calculation algorithm 100k samples montecarlo method on the pre flop, exact method on flop and turn
-You've got bad beat? Calculate how lucky he was

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Tags: poker calculator.

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