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  • Added: 04/26/2015
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Get to know the news on go!

Newsapp India is a simple news reading app that provides a visual summary of news that you care about. Newsapp offers the most comprehensive realtime news coverage from trusted sources across India. From politics,sports, business, world, entertainment, lifestyle and more - now get a personally curated news feed all in one place in an easy to use, intuitive and visually appealing app. With hundreds of news articles - it’s all there, easy to follow, read, and share.
Newsapp is developed exclusively for India and works even on low bandwidth. So, if you are in a remote place where internet connectivity is weak and still want to stay atop of latest happenings, Newsapp is the way!
Newsapp makes your reading experience effortless and complete with extreme flexibility in personalizing the news sources. Just tap on the settings button on any news feed screen and choose your sources. You will only see the news articles that you are interested in! Newsapp’s smart algorithms provides an unbiased and neutral news feeds which do not utilise user personal data for curation. We are determined to protect your privacy and we make sure that none of your personal data will be collected while you enjoy reading on Newsapp.
We strongly believe is performance and simplicity. The app loads fast and offers a simple and clean reading experience which will make your eyes happy.
Download Newsapp India and get started today - It’s free!

Plus more great features :
Visually appealing : A picture speaks more than 1000 words. Each news item is accompanied by a picture.
Smart : Our smart algorithms are unique and only focus on the best news content. So, you dont miss any important news article ever again.
Categories : Choose the categories like business, politics, etc that you are interested in.
News feed : News articles from sources pre-selected or selected by you will appear in the feed on every refresh. You will never be short of news!
In-depth : Clicking on any news article in the feed provides an indepth view with a link to the original source.
Personalize : News feeds can be customized extensively by tapping on the top right ‘settings’ button and select only the source that you are interested in. This applies to both top news or category news feeds.
Refresh : An accessible ‘refresh’ button on the bottom right corner lets you refresh the news feed on a single tap. Every refresh pulls you the latest set of news as they happened in the last 24 hrs.
Text Only : Allows you to read news feed on text-only mode. Once activated, the setting will be applied on the next refresh
Share : Every in-depth screen has a share button on the top right corner. So, you can never miss to share a news article on your favourite social or messaging app.
We are committed to build the best mobile reading experience and always welcome your feedback at

Disclaimer : The content and images displayed by Newsapp comes from publicly available RSS feeds of the respective newspapers who retain all the copyrights. No content is being modified or taken-credit during this process. Please contact for any further queries.

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