No One Lives 1 (Android)

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  • Added: 05/02/2015
  • Downloads:61
  • Price: $2.58
  • Size: 25.13 MB
  • Developer: GeekSoft



No One Lives is a very exciting realistic zombie theme 3D shooting game!

By the end of 2012 the world because zombie virus and close to destroy, the last human established ava longji to defend itself, but recently zombies are also found that the existence of the base so they to base launched attacks, only you can protect the human final home.

-The game will have a spume mucous zombie, mucous will stop the player's line of sight, must use finger sliding screen erase mucous to continue the game.
-Carefully oh, don't let zombie spill blood blocking your line of sight.
-Players need to kill all the zombies, and survive. Players can choose to use finger touch screen aim at terrorist zombie, with all kinds of weapons to kill all the zombies, aim at their head can let you twice the result with half the effort.

Come and play!

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