Quiet Sleep Free 3.5 (Android)

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Quiet Sleep is the easiest way to automatically silence calls that are not urgent while still being able to receive emergency calls. Quiet Sleep lets you have a silent sleep without the fear of missing out on important calls.

How does it work?
Quiet Sleep monitors incoming calls and silences the phone so you won't be disturbed. Quiet Sleep can also send an SMS to the silenced caller explaining why you have not picked up their call (SMS content can be customized). If the same caller calls several times in a defined amount of time the sound will automatically be turned up so you can answer the important call (the mentioned factors can be adjusted in the preferences). The homescreen widget lets you turn the app on and off very quickly before and after you go to sleep.

Why use this app?
Quiet Sleep is a great do not disturb app that is very similar to the real life do not disturb sign since it lets people know that you would rather not be disturbed, but they are still able to contact you if they find it necessary.
Quiet Sleep is a must have for people who want a peaceful sleep but are afraid of turning off the phone and thereby taking the risk of missing an emergency call. It is also very useful for you if you are one of the many who likes to take a nap during the day or if you are working in the night and needs the silent sleep during the day, where people might call you.

Key Features
* Homescreen widget for easy access to turning Quiet Sleep on and off.
* Schedule when Quiet Sleep should be enabled or disabled.
* Automatic SMS sending to silenced callers.
* Whitelist contacts that can always get through the Quiet Sleep filter.
* Whitelist contacts that SMS can be send to.
* Sound volume and mode is automatically reset after handling each call and after turning Quiet Sleep off again.
* Add special tag to SMS messages to tell the silenced caller how many more times they must call to get through and how many minutes they have to make those calls.
* Session Summary showing number of calls handled and SMS' sent.
* And more customizable behaviour.

Other Usage Areas
If you wish to use the functionality of Quiet Sleep for other purposes, such as busy work situations, we suggest downloading Busy Status since this provides very similar functionality but targeted towards a more wide range of usage areas.
Busy Status can be found here: http:apps.akosta.dk/busy-status-market/
The Quiet Sleep app can also used somewhat like a call blocker with an automatic SMS response if you set the number of calls (to get through) high enough or the log time low enough.

Paid version advantages
* No ads!
* Option to not show the summary after each session
* Much prettier summary dialog!
Find it here: http:apps.akosta.dk/quiet-sleep-paid/

Thanks a lot to Till Plotzki for providing the entire german translation!

Known phone bugs and fixes
Some Android phones is unable to turn on the volume of the ringtone while a call is incoming, if the phone was silenced at the time the call happened (we know that some LG phones has this bug, but others may also have it).
This results in that Quiet Sleep is unable to turn up the volume for important calls if the phone is silenced.
The solution is to turn up the volume of your phone and enable "Only Silence Calls", since this means that not-important calls are silenced, and the ringer for important calls is left on. In order to still let you silence SMS notification sounds while Quiet Sleep is on we have provided the preference called "Silence Notifications".
Hope this helps those of you that are so unlucky to have an Android smartphone with that bug!

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