Remote Control for TV 1.0.1 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/26/2015
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  • Developer: Mobile Remote Control



Remote Control for TV
Universal Remote Control for all TVs.
Universal Remote Control for all TVs, support more than 80,000 smart TV devices all around the world. Samsung TV, Sony TV, LG TV Vizio TV, and Panasonic TV are all supported. It is time to get rid of the heavy and dirty real physical remote controller. You just need one Smart Control App to control TV.

1. Universal, support almost all kinds of TVs including Philips TV, and Emerson TV.
2. Provide basic control for TV such as directional pad, Channel Control, Volume Control etc.
3. Provide number Control and media Control.
4. Support IR remote control mode.

In addition, Our Universal Control Remote supports few mainstream modes of these TVs including Toshiba TV, Xfinty TV, Sharp TV and JVC TV. Please email us if your TV mode is not supported.


Our Smart Home System TV remote supports IR mode only.

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