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Role Playing Apps

Chaotic Ages Version : 1.4.3
Chaotic Ages
  • Added: 01/30/2014

Start a fantastic journey, become hero, and save the world.

Anomaly 2 Version : 1.1
Anomaly 2
  • Added: 01/19/2014

Fight aliens in this tower offense game

OVOpet Village Life Version : 1.0.4c
OVOpet Village Life
  • Added: 01/07/2014

A combination of tamagotchi, survival and adventure game with cute graphics. For Android.

Mayas & Aliens Version : 1.4
Mayas & Aliens
  • Added: 11/21/2013

"Mayas & Aliens" is a multiplayer online role-playing game in which the user leads a Maya tribe on the verge of Apocalypse

World of Kingdoms Version : 1.1
World of Kingdoms
  • Added: 11/09/2013

A multiplayer role playing game that allows the user to become the ruler of a mighty kingdom.

Chrono Trigger Version : 1.0.0
Chrono Trigger
  • Added: 10/30/2012

Chrono Trigger is a favorite and classic role playing game for many people. The time travel story