Shahed Pharm 1.1 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/25/2015
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  • Price: FREE
  • Size: 1.35 MB
  • Developer: Atlas Holding



First of a kind.

Dear Pharmacists Shahed Pharm is proud to introduce to you, the first mobile application, with a User friendly interface, which is one of the many new services packages that would be launched through this year, that allows you to:
- Register and Login to your account.
- Search, Select and Order Your Medications.
- Review the updated Medication list according to MOH
- Stay Always Up-To-Date with latest News.
- Locate Old and New Pharmacies according to OPL
- Send Your Feedback about Our Services.
- Watch Videos Related to our Your Fields.
- Use the Most Useful Links to You as Pharmacists such as (MOH/OPL/EMA/.....)
- Locat Shahed Pharm Drug Store.
- Contact Us through E-mails and Many Other Forums.

DownLoad it and Share It with Colleagues.
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Waiting for your Feedback about the application, so we developed it according to

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