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  • Added: 04/26/2015
  • Downloads:38
  • Developer: SJ Software Development Group
  • Pros
    Ease of use
    User-friendly interface
    Multiple profiles
    Off-the-record chat
    p2p encryption
  • Cons
    For advanced users
    Requires at least one Jabber account



Apply a higher level of confidentiality to Jabber, AOL, Hangouts and many other services

SJ IM is for those users concerned about privacy and confidentiality. If you don't want to be exposed while communicating from your mobile device, you should start applying layer of securities like the one SJ IM provides.

SJ Software's SJ IM allows you to create a PGP pair of keys which is a system that will encrypt your messages, files and other electronic information. You can send messages and files over this encrypted protocol securely: your information won't be committed or even trackable. Apart from the PGP pair of keys that you can seamlessly generate from the app, you need at least one Jabber account to be able to add contacts and start chats.

It supports multiple profiles,off-the-record chat, p2p encryption and files sharing to third-party services.

SJ IM is set in a simple yet intuitive and neat interface. It's straightforward. Regardless, it's an app for advanced users, those who want to add a new layer of security to communications systems.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

SJ im provides the highest level of confidentiality in Jabber, AOL, Google Talk and many more services witch supports XMPP protocol,

SJ provides a complete solution for your privacy while communicating over the net.

Major benefits of SJ im.

Encryption (security)
- Support XEP-0027 (PGP encryption)
- Automatic PGP public key exchange
- Support Off-The-Record (OTR)
- Send files via third-party services in the archives of Zip with password
- encryption P2P

- Completable witch any XMPP server
- Multiple profiles
- Comfortable history
- Attractive design
- Ease of use
and much more!

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Jabber® registered trademark Jabber Inc.
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