Soundkik, the social jukebox (Android)

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  • Added: 04/29/2015
  • Downloads:25
  • Developer: SONA JUKEBOX SL
  • Pros
    Super original idea
    You're the the DJ at your favorite places
    Discover new locales based on their playlists
  • Cons
    Would be great to see organization by genre
    Not in too many places yet



Choose what music plays next at your favorite venues

Sometimes even your favorite venues seem to have off nights, playing track after track that fails to strike the right chord. Soundkik makes the wannabe DJ's dreams come true: browse through the full playlist of your favorite locales and choose which song to play next.

Nearby bars, clubs, gyms, and other venues that enable Soundkik will show up in a list determined by your current location. Browse their playlists to find out what's playing now - is it 80s night at the place down the street? Is that funky café really as hipster as it looks from the outside? Find out and head in, "kik"ing the tracks you'd like to play next. Set just the right mood for your date, or make sure your jam is playing just when you hit the bar with buddies.

You can search through the playlists by artist, song, or album keyword. Since the lists can get quite long, I'd love to see organization by genre as well for easier browsing.

Soundkik isn't installed in too many places yet, but has big plans for expansion, and is a wholly original idea that should catch on like wildfire. Can't wait for it to come to my secret city hotspots.

Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

Soundkik is the old fashioned Jukebox, right on your smartphone!

It lets you become the DJ of your favorite venues and play the songs you like!

You can also dedicate songs, meet new friends, or discover new venues based on your musical taste.


If you own a venue and want to become a Soundkik venue, visit us on It's free and super-easy!

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