Stupid Zombies 2 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/27/2015
  • Downloads:31
  • Developer: GameResort
  • Pros
    500 new levels
    Enhanced graphics
    Special weapons
  • Cons
    Ads really intrusive
    Needs and "upgrading" skills system



Stupid Zombies 2 is the anticipated sequel of the well-known physics-based puzzler

Zombies are back, so are the rednecks who are supposed to finish them off. Some say sequels are never as good as the original. That's not the case with Stupid Zombies saga. This sequel is way better than the original title regarding both graphics and playability. Let's focus on what we've got here.

Gameplay is still the same: you embody a country bumpkin with a loaded gun that has to fire zombies on platforms. Bullets will bounce when hitting walls and structures, so you must make use of your physics/trajectory knowledge. Only five bullets in the chamber: don't waste them. The less bullets you use, the higher score you'll get. It works like other puzzlers, with a 3-star scoring system that depends on the bullets wasted and the zombies headshots.

Stupid Zombies 2 comes with three major enhancements. First off, users can now choose a hero or a heroine to free the world of zombies. Second, cartoonish graphics have been enhanced as well as effects and animations. In this regard, more different environments have been added (lab, city, snow...) and more are coming soon. Finally, Stupid Zombies integrated a skills special weapons like "airstrike" and "ammo resurrection" that can be unlocked by earning stars or by in-app purchase.

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Developer's original description available here

Developer's original description available here

What's a good zombie story without an epic sequel?

The undead return in this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainless creatures, weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in a slick, player-friendly package. They say you can’t kill what is already dead, but it can’t hurt to make a splash by shooting in their general direction.

It is just you vs zombies, so make sure to stop the endless angry hordes before you run out of bullets.


Funtastic gameplay, now even better!
Now with 600 levels.
Choose between a male and female hero character.

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