Sudoku 0.1 (Android)

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  • Added: 07/10/2012
  • Downloads:36
  • Size: 2.1 MB
  • License: Free (GPL)
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Developer's website
  • Os Support: Android
  • Pros
    Nice graphics
    Easy control system
  • Cons
    Only three games
    Lacks advanced features



Sudoku is the perfect kind of game to play on your phone or PDA, and we've seen loads of versions of the puzzler released across the different mobile platforms.

As far as I'm aware this is the first Sudoku game available for the Android platform and if you're a fan of the genre it'll provide you with some amusement for a while. Android Sudoku divides the screen into a 3x3 grid of 3x3 grids, in a pretty attractive front-end. A transparent pop-up number pad appears when you click on a square on the grid and you must enter a number that doesn't appear in the same line, row or grid. If you get a number wrong the screen shakes to inform you that you need to try again.

This version of Android Sudoku is a very early release and hence its features are pretty limited. There are only different puzzles available (you can't create your own) and annoyingly, you don't get a message to say when the game is complete.

Another thing Android Sudoku lacks is a comprehensive hints system. There's little in-game help available, and no functionality for entering pencil marks, which is a common feature of many mobile Sudoku games.

Die-hard number game fans will love the opportunity to play Sudoku on their Android device but, for me, the game still needs a lot of work to compete with its rivals on other platforms.

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