Tech news 1.4.4 (Android)

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Stream or automatically download the latest tech news and watch them off-line on your phone.

You can choose from 8 different channels including the Android DailyAppShowand, CNET Loaded, CNET Buzz Report, GeekBeat.TV, AppJudgment, My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis, X3, CNET The Apple Byte and More coming.

Each channel shows the last 10 available broadcasts. Once the phone connects to a Wifi network, the latest broadcasts download and store on your phone automatically.
This enables you to watch later the downloaded broadcasts without using you 3G mobile data connection.

In the settings menu you can choose which channels you want to display on your screen and how many episodes to download. Old broadcasts are deleted from your phone automatically.

Channels currently available:
- DailyAppShow - Android App Edition
- CNET Loaded
- CNET Buzz Report (HD)
- GeekBeat.TV (HD)
- AppJudgment (HD)
- My Mobile Life with Cali Lewis
- X3
- CNET The Apple Byte (HD)
- TheBIT.TV (HD)

Recently changed in this version:

Minor bugfix.

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