Twitter 5.1.0 (Android)

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  • Added: 02/07/2014
  • Downloads:77
  • Size: 2.1 MB
  • License: Free
  • Language: English
  • Developer: Twitter
  • Os Support: Android 4.0/Android 4.1/Android 4.1.1/Android 4.1.2/Android 4.2/Android 4.2.1/Android 4.2.2/Android 4.3
  • Pros
    Easy to use
    Pleasant design
    Not too resource hungry
  • Cons
    Controls can be a bit sticky
    Loading timeline can take time



Twitter, the official Android app for the service, has moved into version 3, presenting some pretty major interface changes.

Probably the biggest change to Twitter for Android is the appearance. It's really grown up, losing the multi-access homepage and launching instead straight into your timeline. It looks more sophisticated too, with a streamlined user interface while still using the recognizable blue header and black and white layout.

As far as Twitter for Android goes in terms of features, it parallels the online site, but sticks to the basics. The standard areas exist like the main timeline, @mentions, and your profile, but Twitter added a hashtag "#Discover" feature allowing you to browse what is trending. Tapping on a tweet now shows the @reply, retweet, favorite, or share options and lists who has performed any of the options.

Among Twitter’s nicer features is a cool tool to search your telephone contacts for Twitter users, and varied suggested users for you to add. You can also modify your profile pretty well from the app, while Twitter for Android also lets you create as many public and private lists as you want.

Twitter for Android supports multiple accounts, easily switchable from the taskbar. The configuration settings are still limited, especially in comparison to apps like Plume and Tweetcaster. Even so, if you’re a low-spec Twitter user who likes to keep things simple, the official Twitter app for Android might be right up your street.

Twitter for Android does its job very well, focusing on working like the online site.

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