Web Reader 3D 1.0.9921 (Android)

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Do you have a series of web pages you check frequently for news? This new app loads a collection of web pages for you, and lets you scan them quickly for interesting headlines with an adjustable 3D magnification feature.


• Slide your finger across your touch screen to move the point of focus on the display. Tap on an area to move immediately there.

• Place a second finger on the screen to adjust the magnification. Move this second finger up and down to change the degree of magnification, and move it left or right to change the area of magnification.

• Double tap on a displayed web page to open it in your native browser. Once in your browser, you can click on links. From your browser, hit the Back button to return to this app.


By default, this app shows the first screen of each web page. If you want to view the entire web page, go to: Settings --> Show Entire Web Page


This app loads up to nine web pages every time it runs. This is in addition to your web browser loading a web page if you select it from this display. To avoid download charges, use this app in accordance with the bandwidth limits of your wireless plan.


This program requires Android 2.2+ and an Internet connection.


Email info@miabellallc.com for questions, to report any problems, or to request enhancements.

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