your BEIJING driver - China 1.0.0 (Android)

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  • Added: 04/26/2015
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Your trip to Beijing, the way you want it!

Visiting Beijing for the first time? Returning in another trip to Beijing?
Living in Beijing, and have friends visiting?

• No tourist traps!
• No surprise fees, road tolls, or additional tickets to buy.
• No unexpected "mandatory" tips to driver and guides.
• No unwanted stops to steal your time (and money) on pushed shopping.
• No lunch traps at outrageously expensive places (with a huge % that goes to the tour organizer).

Start planning your trip now, just select the places you want to visit, set your options, and the app will distribute and fit everything the best way possible, saving you time and money. All items have additional information for you to check, if you are not sure of what to visit.

All is taken care for you, optimizing the itinerary and distributing tours across days (if they can't feet all in one), and even giving you nice discounts. You can always fine-tune and move anything to a specific date and time, or add blocks of free time, if you have something planned and need a free afternoon, morning or full day in the middle, so nothing is placed there. You can decide if you need airport transfers, to include an English speaking guide or not, to exclude tickets for specific tours or shows, and a lot more.

Then you just need to pay your booking deposit from the app (only 10% of total, excluding tickets), and you are done: you will receive your itinerary details and confirmation, and a guide and driver will be waiting you at airport or chosen pickup place (hotel or friend's home), and everything is taken care of, nothing to worry abut. And you will be put in touch with your designated guide for any additional requests.

Simple, convenient and the best way to be sure your trip is really what you planned for.

Welcome to Beijing, enjoy your trip!

Coming soon: Shanghai, Xian and other cities.
Video intro and tour of the app, featuring the voice of the famous Maria Segurado!

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